Adjust the brightness of your screen based on the time of day



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When you work on your computer at night or in a room with strong light, the brightness of the screen usually adjusts to the amount of light you need. And if you always work in the same place at the same times, SunsetScreen is very useful for automatically managing the brightness level according to the time of day.

SunsetScreen lets you modify the hour when the screen's brightness is increased or reduced and adjust maximum and minimum levels as well as the speed of the transitions. You can also create different profiles for different days or schedules that indicate the exact hour, minute, and second the sun sets and rises for you, so your screen's brightness is adjusted with absolute accuracy.

The screen colors are completely customizable, which is useful for people with visual impairments or those who simply want to reduce the impact of blue light on the eyes. SunsetScreen can be manually activated or set to automatically start each time you turn on Windows. When you don't need to use this application anymore, or if you make changes you later don't quite like, you can click on the reset button and delete your settings to go back to the defaults.
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